Soil Therm Products

Chlorinated Oxidizer Systems


SOIL-THERM provides the most advanced capabilities for the extraction and destruction of Halogenated liquids from leaking tanks or contaminated soil. With processing rates to over 2000 scfm, SOIL-THERM systems include extraction blower, thermal oxidizer with Jet-THERM burner, quench and packed tower scrubbers with pH control and automatic operating features. SOIL-THERM systems are the Gold Standard for chlorinated remediation.

SOIL-THERM continues to significantly advance ramjet aero-propulsion technologies for the highly turbulent, high temperature direct flame destruction of chlorinated vapors. SOIL-THERM has built numerous chlorinated SVE oxidizer systems for processing from 150 to 1500 cfm chlorinated vapors including PCE, TCE, TCA, DCA, and others with direct flame destruction of greater than 99.99+%.

Model 2002-CLR: 50 - 450 cfm
Model 2005-CLR: 100 - 700 cfm
Model 2010-CLR: 300 - 1400 cfm

Remediation Chlorinated Systems. SOIL-THERM chlorinated oxidizer remediation systems are the finest, most complete systems on the market. They include all the standard equipment for either Soil Vapor Extraction or Dual Phase Extraction of vapors, Jet-THERM burner, powerful blower, water knockout, 55+% heat exchanger, and both packed tower and quench scrubber systems with pH and conductivity control. Much smaller in size than other brands, these systems demonstrate the superior performance capabilities.

Model 2010-CLR. This system was designed and built for a mixture of chlorinated solvent extraction in City of Commerce using advanced alloys resistant to HF.
Model 2005-CLR. Designed and built for a major aerospace company, removed & destroyed TCE and TCA contaminants.