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This is the oxidizer that started the revolution in powerful performance in compact sizes. Only 6 ft by 6 ft, with capacities to 700 cfm, powerful SVE or DPE blowers available, and the latest technologies come together in this big little powerhouse. Standard features include heavy duty skid with lifting rings and forklift slots, Roots 59 blower with 15 or 20 hp motor enclosure for sound attenuation, Jet-THERM burner, ceramic lined 24" oxidizer shell, UL 508 listed main control panel with PLC, touchscreen operator panel, and 4 GB data storage.
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The Mini-THERM can process flows up to 450 scfm on a 5 ft by 5 ft skid. We build quality into every system. The burner, water knockout, and piping are constructed entirely with high grade stainless steel for long life. The Mini-THERM is a super powerful system with quality standard features such as touchscreen operator panel, Jet-THERM burner, redundant system safeties, FM style gas train, oxidizer shell with ceramic lining, UL 508 listed control panel, and more.
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The Micro-THERM is the smallest, most powerful remediation oxidizer system on the market. The footprint is a mere 4 ft by 3.5 ft, which includes everything from the water knockout, knockout pump, control panel, SVE blower, and our patented Jet-THERM ultra low NOx burner. The Micro-THERM is quiet, energy efficient, and has a flow range of 50 - 300 scfm at vacuums to 14" Hg. Add catalyst and a heat exchanger and the Micro-THERM can operate using less supplemental fuel than the gas grill in your back yard!
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