Soil Therm Products


SOIL-THERM Aerospace Combustion Technology

SOIL-THERM EQUIPMENT, INC is the only place to get Jet-THERMTM, the most efficient, hard working burner on the planet. Aerospace combustion principles give our burner amazing versatility and performance capabilities.

Our Jet-THERM process has been approved by every Air District to which it has applied, and has outstanding features that you cannot get from conventional burners:

Very High Destruction Efficiencies >99.99%
Ultra Low NOx : 6 - 11 ppmv at 1500 F
Reliable and Easy Operation
40-60% Less Supplemental Fuel Required
CO2 Flame-out Resistant Design
VOC's, chlorinated, BTEX, and more


SOIL-THERM has spent years in developing internet remote monitoring and control to work safely and effectively for our specific equipment. This technology is not the same as a generic installation of a SCADA system that can be found by others. Rather, SOIL-THERM's ReMAC is connected directly with the PLC controller and analog signals input and outputs to allow our operators far more control and connectivity that the old style SCADA systems. We are able to adjust blower speeds, turn on and off, reset alarms, turn on pumps and air sparging systems, and every screen from the touchscreen can be viewed as if you're standing in front of it.

The savings to our customers and operators are tremendous. Immediately, you'll see less frequent trips to the sites are needed. You'll also realize that anywhere you are, you have access to your Soil-Therm system's operating status by using your iPhone, iPAD, or laptop computer. You can access stored operating data, charts, and alarm data and information to know when and why your system shut down BEFORE you travel to the site. The possibilities are endless. Let us know what your specific data and monitoring needs are and we can even customize your system for you!